Seeking Ideas for a Digital Showroom for Alkemata prototypes

Hi Everyone,

At Alkemata, we are considering creating a digital showroom to showcase prototypes of our ideas. Our vision is to provide a space where our audience can explore and interact with our projects, as well as contribute to the development process. Here are the key components of our plan:

  1. GitHub Repository: We want to host the code for each prototype on GitHub. This would allow our audience to access the source code, make contributions, and engage with the development process.
  2. Operational Demonstrations: In addition to the code repository, we aim to have live demonstrations of each prototype. These demos should be easily accessible from our main platform, providing a hands-on experience of our ideas.
  3. Django Platform: We are considering using a Django platform for this purpose. Django’s modular nature makes it easy to add new applications, each with a minimum viable interface.
  4. Integration with WordPress: Each app could be displayed using an iframe in a WordPress post on our main website, or accessed directly via the Django platform.

However, there are some challenges we foresee:

  • Shared Libraries: Since all apps would share the same libraries, the volume of these libraries could increase significantly due to the diverse nature of our projects.
  • Docker Containers: Ideally, each app should run in an independent Docker container to avoid dependency conflicts. Unfortunately, we currently lack the infrastructure to support this approach.

Given these considerations, we are looking for alternative ideas or solutions to achieve our goals. Specifically, we would love to hear your thoughts on:

  • Managing Shared Libraries: How can we efficiently manage the libraries for our diverse applications without bloating the system?
  • Docker Infrastructure: Are there scalable and cost-effective ways to implement Docker containers for each app with our current resources?
  • Alternative Platforms: Are there other platforms or technologies that might better suit our needs for both development and demonstration purposes?

Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we strive to build a robust and user-friendly digital showroom for Alkemata.

Thanks in advance for your help!